Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elephant Bookends

I am the first to admit that I am addicted to thrift stores. I love the hole-in-the-wall ones that are stuffed with junk. Cheap, disorganized, needs-a-good-coat-of-paint type junk. Luckily I only work half days on Fridays. While most of my co-workers use this time to run errands and do other responsible adult things, I use it as an excuse to visit some of my favorite thrift stores. This past weekend I spent my afternoon digging through the shelves of The Guild Shop. 

After rummaging through countless cluttered rooms I found these elephant bookends. 

While they aren't exactly my style, I knew a little spray paint would fix them right up and make them the perfect addition to David's new office. And at whopping nine dollars for the pair, I couldn't say no. 

So I scooped these bad boys up and sped home. To be honest, I should have taken the time to prime these. It took 4 coats of white spray paint to finally get rid of the hideous maroon. Each time I sprayed them I let it completely dry before adding another coat. When I was satisfied with the coverage I sprayed two coats of clear enamel gloss to add shine. This really helped to modernize the bookends even more.


up close and personal

on David's bookshelf :]

Why pay over $50 for elephant bookends when you can just make them yourself?!


  1. These are so cute Brit Brit! Now I want to start looking for randomly obscure things in thrift stores in SM. Haha.

    I really like the white. It makes it look all alabaster and Indian-British like. Plus, it'll go well in any office. :)

    I'm so happy your blogging! :)

  2. *you're. (Where are my smarts?! :)

  3. Haha thanks! you are the one the inspired me to blog. Now if only I could write like you!