Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simply Succulents

Recently I have been loving succulents. I have been meaning to make a terrarium for a while now, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I love plants and the life they bring to a room, but unlike my mother, I seriously lack a green thumb. This is exactly why succulents are perfect for me. They require hardly any maintenance and yet they still look good. Now if only I could be like that!

Yesterday I went to Trader Joes with my Mom and ran into this little guy. How cute is he?! I was already excited and took it as a sign that this weekend would be the weekend that I would finally make my terrarium. I was even more excited though to find out the pot is an old italian pot. Apparently it was found at a California ranch that dates back to 1908! How about that?! The plant I have been swooning over comes with a little bit of history all for only three dollars!

Hopefully one day soon I will get around to making my terrarium :]


  1. Score! I've managed to keep 2 house plants alive for a year. That's huge for me. HUGE! I've never tried succulents, but now I'm inspired to get one (some). Thanks!

    1. haha it would be huge for me too! Sadly, I can't even say that! Let me know how your succulents last.