Monday, February 11, 2013

Gold & Brass Are Back With A Vengeance

Gold & brass are back and are more popular than ever. I, along with everyone else on this planet it seems, have been obsessed with these metallic accents. While I do not think gold and brass should be thought of as trendy, they have come and gone many times throughout the years. Hopefully this time it will last a little bit longer, but either way I am keeping my gold and brass pieces.

Warm metallic tones add a timeless, sophisticated finish to a room that I am in love with. I hate walking into a house where it looks like everything was bought from the same store. I don't care if you bought everything you own at Wal-Mart or Neiman Marcus. If the room looks like it belongs in a catalog, I am not interested. This is one reason that I love hunting down gold and brass accents at thrift stores. As Kate from Centsational Girl put it, vintage gold and brass accessories gives a room a "collected-over-time" feel. Just what I have been looking for!

1, 2
I would much rather live in the second living room.

While I have been loving all things gold and brass, I have particularly been on the hunt for a brass coffee table. I love with the one below, but at $1,129 ON SALE I knew that wouldn't be happening.


I can't justify spending that much on a coffee table when I recently graduated from college and am in the process of pay back student loans. $1,129 is about $700 OVER my budget! Like I said, not happening.

A lot of people have been pinning/buying/drooling over this Nate Berkus Glass Top Bamboo Style coffee table from HSN. Its gold and under $300 so I completely understand. While I do like it, I want something a little chunkier.


Then I found this one. But with a price tag that made jaw drop ($1,498), it was not only out of my price range, but also smaller than I would like.


I also found this one at for $336, but it isn't exactly gold or brass. It is nothing a little rub-n-buff couldn't change though. Considering this is one of the very few in my budget and semi close to what I am looking for it is the top contender. I would still like to find something at a thrift store and make it my own though.

Let me know what you think. Are you loving this trend or are you ready for it to pass?

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